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For over 26 years, Fannie worked in healthcare. She spent her days taking care of her community members, ensuring everyone’s well-being and helping to build a healthier future for all.

Fannie says it was hard to leave that field, but her own health took a turn, and she could no longer work. She explains that after enduring strokes and heart attacks on top of her asthma, she knew it was time to make the difficult choice to stop working.

“When you are used to doing [everything] for yourself and [suddenly] you can’t…it’s hard,” she says.

That’s why Fannie is so grateful for community members like you, who help ensure that she can get the help she needs through Treasure Coast Food Bank. Through the Food Bank’s comprehensive case management and outreach services, neighbors are connected to community resources to support all areas of need – from health to transportation, housing, emergency services, benefits enrollment, and more.

Your kindness ensures that Fannie can access all the resources she needs as she focuses on her health and wellbeing.

“I appreciate it,” Fannie says gratefully.

Thank you for partnering with Treasure Coast Food Bank to ensure healthy food and critical services are available to all our neighbors!