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Feeding the
Treasure Coast

At Treasure Coast Food Bank, we provide nutritious food to individuals and families throughout Indian River, Martin, St. Lucie, and Okeechobee counties in Florida. Our nonprofit organization understands the importance of supporting our community members and we are committed to alleviating hunger and its lasting effects in our region.

We procure, store, and distribute food to a robust network of over 300 partner agencies. This community allows our mission to further its reach and put food and nonfood essentials in the hands of our neighbors when they need it. Treasure Coast Food Bank focuses strongly on empowering our network. Together, we work to alleviate the effects of food insecurity through a person centered approach that includes feeding programs and much more.

In addition to distributing food and nonfood essentials, we aim to eliminate hunger by addressing the root causes of this critical issue and posing solutions to those facing poverty. Our diverse set of programs allow people to achieve self-sufficiency. This approach unveils the long-term solutions to hunger in our communities.

As a member of the Feeding America network, we partner with other food security organizations across the United States. We share and develop best practices and resources to ensure a better tomorrow in our own backyard. Together, we can make a difference and change lives for the better.

Our Work

We rely on the generosity and support of local businesses, churches, foundations, corporations, government, civic groups and individuals in order to successfully source, store, and distribute nutritious food and other essentials, respond to disasters, and expand our career training courses and training initiatives.

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A portion of our food is procured through private or public donations by individuals or corporate sponsors.

Food Bank

All donations are sorted at the Food Bank and are prepared for distribution to our network of more than 400 partner agencies.

Partner Agencies

Our client service agencies span four counties to distribute perishable and non-perishable food items, and other essentials.


Food and resources are distributed to children, families, seniors, and individuals in need throughout the Treasure Coast.

Join our network

At the Treasure Coast Food Bank, we believe in the power of collaboration to combat hunger in our communities. We invite community organizations to join us in this mission, benefiting from increased visibility, shared resources, and a supportive network dedicated to creating a hunger-free Treasure Coast. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of our neighbors, fostering a healthier and more vibrant community for all.

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Impact by the

The Treasure Coast Food Bank has made a significant impact in the fight against hunger, providing nutritious food to individuals and families in need throughout our region. Our programs and services, including job training, nutrition education, and SNAP assistance, have empowered countless individuals to achieve self-sufficiency. By collaborating with our partner agencies and the community, we have transformed lives and taken strides toward creating a hunger-free Treasure Coast.

Individuals Served A Week

We currently serve nearly 250,000 individuals each week through our networks of agencies and unique programs we offer.

Partner Agencies

We partner with more than 300 non-profit agencies throughout four counties on the Treasure Coast.


In 2023, Treasure Coast Food Bank had more than 10,000 volunteers provided over 48,000 hours of service to their community.


Only a 3% overhead means that 97% of our resources go back into fighting hunger in our community.

Who we Serve

Treasure Coast Food Bank serves 250,000 individuals per week. Through our network of more than 300 partner agencies and our own direct service programs, we distribute millions of pounds of nutritious food and meals a year to help solve hunger in our community!


In our community, 1 in 4 children are food-insecure. Not having healthy, nutritious food at every meal will affect their development. Hunger can negatively impact kids for the rest of their lives. Without proper nutrition, a child can’t grow strong and healthy.


For many senior citizens living on a fixed or limited income, their food budget is overwhelmed by payments for rent and utilities and the cost of medications. Without a consistent source of staple groceries, many seniors struggle with food insecurity and malnutrition.

Working Families

Every day, nearly 250,000 people in our community struggle with not having enough food. That includes the working poor who face difficult choices like buying food or paying the rent and utility bills. The ability to sufficiently provide nutritious food for their families is our goal.

Single Parents

Providing for your family as a single parent is not easy. Single parents often find that the ability to provide nutritious food loses priority to other expenses such as rent, transportation, utilities, and daycare.


Of those served through the Feeding America network, 1 in 5 households includes a family member who is a current or former military member. It is unacceptable that millions of Americans who’ve protected and served our country are left without enough to eat.


When you don’t have a stable roof over your head, getting enough nutritious food to stay healthy and take on life’s challenges can be impossible. That’s why Treasure Coast Food Bank is committed to improving access to meet the growing need for our community’s homeless population.

Make a Donation

Every donation to the Treasure Coast Food Bank plays a crucial role in our fight against hunger, allowing us to provide nutritious food and vital support services to those in need. By donating, you make a tangible difference in the lives of our neighbors, helping to create a healthier and more vibrant community for all.

Join Our Team

Join our team at the Treasure Coast Food Bank and become an integral part of our mission to combat hunger and improve lives in our community. Seize this opportunity to grow professionally and personally, while making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Equity Statement

Equity Statement

Our Journey to Social Justice

At Treasure Coast Food Bank, we remain on an ongoing journey to achieving ever-higher levels of social justice.  To declare ourselves fully satisfied and fixed with the level of equity we’ve instilled throughout our organization and most critically to those we serve, we believe ignores the dynamic conditions that act as the root causes of poverty and hunger.

First and foremost, we value those with lived experience: our clients.  From surveys to face-to-face conversations in peoples’ neighborhoods, we take a client-centered approach by listening carefully, thinking reflectively, and then implementing change based on what we’ve learned.  We want our clients to be an integral part of the decision-making process not only to empower individuals but also because it makes us much more effective with what we do: increase healthy food access and reduce food insecurity.  Though deeply service minded, we like to think what we do is not for the community but with the community.

Our programs are designed specifically to meet our clients’ needs—today, tomorrow and beyond. What’s our plan? We walk on two legs when creating solutions to poverty and hunger. Emergency, immediate food distribution remains vital to those in our community and we’re forever committed to ensuring no one, especially children and seniors, go to bed hungry.  But we’re equally dedicated to ending hunger in our community by developing and piloting programs that increase individuals’ and families’ household resources, stabilize their finance volatility, and in turn, help put them on a stronger path to long-term food security. Our second leg, therefore, reflects our investment in such efforts as our job training initiative, which equips people with highly sought-after production skills that increase the likelihood of independence and self-sufficiency.

Finally, there’s our board, staff and the volunteers—the human capital that’s helping build equity and achieve social justice.  We’re proud to say that our staff and board looks like the community we live in and those we serve.  In addition to honoring their diversity, our staff is paid a living wage and we offer health insurance to both employees and their families.  We are proud to abide by the practices set forth in the “Fair Chance Business Pledge”. And we believe each and every member of our team, like Treasure Coast Food Bank’s clients, has a significant contribution to make to the whole—and we will continue to foster this spirit of inclusiveness.