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“With the food costs, it is hard.”

Like many Treasure Coast neighbors, Lisa and her husband are familiar with hard work and dedication to family. Fortunately, the family’s load is a bit lighter this fall thanks to friends like you.

We met Lisa at the Salvation Army Food Pantry in Okeechobee, a Food Bank agency partner where Lisa picks up food for her family. Lisa and her husband, Jesús, have two children, Maria, 16, and Samuel, 19.

Maria has learning disabilities, Lisa shares, and was also recently diagnosed with Graves’ disease. Her daughter’s well-being is clearly at the top of Lisa’s mind. Lisa takes Maria to a specialist in Palm Bay for treatment.

“She doesn’t have much energy,” Lisa shares, tearing up.

The family receives SNAP benefits, but Lisa says the cost of living right now is so high that the assistance doesn’t stretch far enough. Her husband works at a dairy farm to support the family and her son works as well to help cover expenses.

“With the food costs, it’s hard,” she says about the high price of groceries.

The family also includes two dogs, Popeye and Moon. Moon will soon have puppies, so Lisa is grateful the food pantry also supplies pet food.

On behalf of families like Lisa’s, thank you for partnering with Treasure Coast Food Bank and our entire community to promote a brighter, healthier future for us all. Your support again today bridges the gap for people who are facing hunger.

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