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“There’s no words just lots of thanks because this really helps us out.”

Maribel was first intrigued by the long lines outside Treasure Coast Food Bank’s Mobile Food Pantry in Indiantown. The high quality of food she found there and the void it helps to fill for her family has kept her returning ever since.

Maribel and her husband, Esau Sr., are parents to Esau Jr., 5, Matthew, 13, Moses, 16, and Michael, 19. Esau Sr. works in roofing to support the family and Michael also works in retail to help cover expenses.

With the current high cost of living, Maribel and Esau Sr. are sometimes challenged with affording enough healthy food for the family. That’s why she’s grateful to have discovered the mobile food pantry.

“This really helps out,” Maribel says as she picks up food for her family.

Maribel enjoys cooking, and she says she loves to use whatever ingredients she receives at the Mobile Food Pantry to create healthy meals for her family.

“I love to make delicious meals with the food,” she says.

Thank you for helping to create a healthier Treasure Coast for us all.

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