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“The kids here are always in need of something.”

For many children throughout our Treasure Coast communities, the meals they receive at school are the only meals they can count on.

They worry about whether there will be dinner at night or any meals over the weekend. But with your support of Treasure Coast Food Bank, we can take the worry away from 1,200 kids each week.

Alisha Kennedy, Assistant Principal at Chester A. Moore Elementary, a Title 1 school, sees the incredible impact of the BackPack Program on the 60 students who participate during the school year.

The students discreetly pick up a backpack before leaving school on Fridays and before holidays or school closures. Each backpack is loaded with nutritious snacks and food that the child can easily prepare. So instead of worrying or suffering the pain of hunger, a child knows he or she will have something to eat when there is no access to meals at school.

“The kids here are always in need of something,” Alisha says. “School is their consistent place. [We’re] trying to provide consistency.”

The BackPack Program has been in place at Chester A. Moore Elementary since 2017 and is a huge help to children whose families are struggling. “It doesn’t go to waste. It’s definitely appreciated,” Alisha says. “We’re eradicating some of the hunger.”

Thank you for your support of the Food Bank and important outreach initiatives like the BackPack Program. Together we are fueling the future for children and teens who are experiencing hunger.