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It’s been an especially tough year for Jeannette and her family, but your gift of nutritious food this holiday season is just what’s needed to boost their health and give them hope for the future.

We met Jeanette on her very first visit to the Food Bank. She says her family previously lived in Texas, but packed their belongings, bought a mobile home and moved to Okeechobee County when her husband’s doctor relocated to Florida.

“He is a specialist and the only one who has treated someone like my husband,” she explains.

While her husband is currently unable to work due to his medical condition, the family relies on Jeanette’s income from her full-time housekeeping job to cover their bills and all the expenses of having two children. Often, it’s just not enough.

“Things have been really hard,” Jeanette says.

That’s why she’s relieved that friends like you make it possible for her to pick up healthy groceries for her family. Jeanette says she cooks every day and tries to make sure her daughters, Callie and Allenya, have balanced meals.

“They can’t seem to get enough fruits and vegetables,” she says, smiling. “So this food is amazing.”

This holiday season, you’re truly sharing hope with countless children, families and seniors across the Treasure Coast through your generous gifts. Thank you for giving the essential gift of food to so many neighbors in need.