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How It Works

The Treasure Coast Food Bank FRESHCareRx program, in collaboration with local healthcare providers, offers nutrient-rich foods to food-insecure patients at discharge or appointments free of charge. Tailored to individual needs, this initiative aims to enhance access to healthy diets, benefiting conditions like diabetes, congestive heart failure, and more.

Healthy food choices equate to a healthier life and general well-being. FRESHCareRX offers medically tailored, home-delivered meals to improve the quality of life for those seeking treatment to diet and nutrition-related conditions, ensuring access to essential nutrients necessary for optimal
health and recovery.

We can offer medically tailored home-delivered meals for one year at the average cost of a single hospital stay


If you are a patient of one of our partner clinics and would like to learn more about your potential eligibility for FreshCareRx, please reach out to Treasure Coast Food Bank or your medical provider.

If you are a medical clinic looking to become a FreshCareRX partner, please contact our program coordinators or call 772.489.3034