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Were you or someone you know impacted by a natural or man-made disaster?

After a disaster, our network springs into action. We set up mobile food pantries and team up with emergency response departments to get even more supplies to communities.

Together, we ensure people are safe and no one goes hungry.

As part of the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks, we are also working closely with our sister food banks across the country and stand ready to assist them as needed once a disaster has passed.

Even when other disaster organizations leave, Treasure Coast Food Bank and our network stays. We provide resources and support so communities can rebuild and prevent hunger for good.

We are a first responder to emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes throughout the region. Treasure Coast Food Bank is a part of the state of Florida Emergency Response Network Support Function. We are equipped to provide ready-to-eat meals, water, ice and other supplies to Floridians who need assistance.

Hurricane Season is June 1, 2024 to November 30, 2024

Start preparing now for a potentially active hurricane season by reviewing the preparedness manual below