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Were you or someone you know impacted by Hurricane Irma?

Hurricane Irma was the costliest storm in Florida’s history. Specifically, along the Treasure Coast where storm impact resulted in damages upwards of $220 million. Countless families were left to deal with destruction to their homes, costly repairs, loss of possessions, and in some cases, total displacement.

If you or someone you know is still struggling to recover from the destruction left in Irma’s wake, Treasure Coast Food Bank wants to help you. Thanks to a collaborative partnership with the Volunteer Florida Foundation Disaster Fund, Treasure Coast Food Bank is launching the Hurricane Irma Recovery Project to help Treasure Coast residents directly impacted by Hurricane Irma get back on their feet. We help feed our community in need every day of the year, and beyond offering food assistance this endeavor will focus on non-food resources in the form of home appliances, daily necessities (hygiene/cleaning supplies, household items), as well as financial assistance—all aimed at helping to alleviate the burden of recovery that Irma has caused.

Please complete our Eligibility Survey to see if you or your household is eligible to receive support through the Hurricane Irma Recovery Project.

To qualify you must have been directly impacted by Hurricane Irma and have a proven need for supportive services today. If you qualify, our team will guide you through a customized household recovery plan, and match you with resources and tools to help you on the path to recovery.

Let’s Help You Recover from Hurricane Irma’s Destruction