“The food [pantries] are truly a miracle…”

Gerda shares her home with 12 birds and four cats…it’s clear she is a special person who shows love and harmony everywhere she turns.

She’s 85 now and shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, Gerda fills her days sharing food and hope with others. “I love helping people,” she says. “I just want to help and do more.”

When she’s not volunteering at the nursing home, she’s baking for a local halfway house or picking up food from the Salvation Army St. Lucie County food pantry, which she delivers to other seniors in her community.

Having access to fresh fruit and vegetables is a great help to Gerda, too, but the bread she receives is her favorite.

Hunger is a huge problem among Gerda’s senior neighbors, so she is deeply thankful for caring friends and donors like you who keep the food pantry stocked. She says, “It’s very well appreciated because so many seniors get food that wouldn’t. Your food helps a lot.

“You save many lives also, especially children who don’t know how to get food. The food [pantries] are truly a miracle for them. You never want a child to go hungry.”

Thank you for partnering with Gerda and Treasure Coast Food Bank to reach seniors and neighbors of all ages with healthy food — and a clear message that you care.