“Just to have the food, it’s a blessing.”

*David, 6, Rachel, 12, Jimmy, 16, and Nancy, 15 can look forward to walks on the beach this summer in search of seashells and treasures — and plenty of nutritious food on the family’s table to greet them when they return home.

We met the siblings along with their mother, *Sam, and grandmother, Brenda, on a visit to the food pantry at Salvation Army in Stuart, an agency partner of Treasure Coast Food Bank. 

Sam and the kids all live with Brenda right now, though Sam says her goal is to get a home of her own for her and the kids, her first goal is simply to raise her children well and give each one the best possible life.

“Just to have the food, it’s a blessing,” Sam told us. We thank donors like you who make healthy food more accessible to local families.

The kids especially enjoy the sourdough bread the family receives from the food pantry, and the bell peppers which the kids can eat and then share the scraps with their guinea pig. 

“Every little bit helps,” Sam says, smiling. “Someone may say this isn’t much, but it’s everything. People here make us feel like family and they’re so kind and don’t judge us.”

Your generosity helps give Treasure Coast children the fuel needed to thrive this summer and into the next school year. Thank you for the vital part you play in ending summer hunger!

*Names in this story have been changed to protect privacy.