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Job training programs that help youth and adults earn the skills and credentials needed for fast-growing industries.

Treasure Coast Food Bank has long understood that to truly shoulder its responsibility in Ending Hunger, we need our impact to go beyond emergency food distribution. It’s why nearly a decade ago we organized workshops on gardening and offered cooking demos in neighborhoods that statistically showed the highest poverty and food insecurity rates along the Treasure Coast.  It’s why in 2016 we then committed more resources to Whole Child Connection, a client intervention program that connects low-income families with vital services that over time help increase their household resources and stabilize financial volatility.

It’s also why we’ve recently committed to developing a series of workforce development courses that train individuals to develop the skills they need to begin careers in high-demand, high-growth industries.  Anyone and everyone 18+ are welcome to enroll in one of our courses. Just think of us as a 21st century vocational school!

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Treasure Coast Food Bank is COMMITTED to Helping Those Impacted by the

Government Shutdown

Over 1,000 federal employees on the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee are being adversely affected.

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