Treasure Coast Food Bank ready to provide water, food and essentials

Critical need items include toilet paper, cleaning supplies,

personal hygiene items and diapers


FORT PIERCE, Fl -Treasure Coast Food Bank stands ready to provide emergency food, water and other supplies to residents on the Treasure Coast and Okeechobee counties who will need them in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

As the lead agency providing those essentials to the four-county area, Treasure Coast Food Bank has been receiving truckloads filled with hundreds of pallets of water and pre-packaged meals, known as Meals Ready-To-Eat from FEMA.

For several days as Hurricane Dorian has moved closer to the United States, Treasure Coast Food Bank has been staging critical need supplies not only at its warehouse in Fort Pierce, but at locations across the four-county area to ensure quick access to all parts of the area Treasure Coast Food Bank serves.

“Past hurricanes have shown us that people will be in need of supplies from all kinds of impacts, from storm surge on the coast, displacement from unsafe structures,  to power outages that may leave people without access to food and water,” said Judith Cruz, President and CEO of Treasure Coast Food Bank.

“Because Hurricane Dorian has moved so slowly, it’s also caused businesses to be shut down for several days, which not only impacts the business owner but the employees who will lose income from their jobs,” Cruz said. “Many low-income families will struggle to recover after the unanticipated expenses of preparing for a storm in addition to time away from work.”

In addition to food and water, Treasure Coast Food Bank has staged other critical need items such as cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, and diapers, which also will be available after the storm passes.

Anyone wanting to help can make a cash donation that enables Treasure Coast Food Bank to make bulk purchases of items that are of most critical need. Visit to donate.