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Supply Chain Training

Treasure Coast Food Bank is also developing a series of individual courses to position individuals for meaning careers in the rapidly-growing Supply Chain industry. A key component to the U.S. economy, the national Supply Chain industry accounts for nearly four in ten jobs and employs 44 million people, according to the Harvard Business Review.  According to one expert: “For every graduate with supply chain skills, there are six holes to be filled and it could be as high as 9 to 1 in the future.”

The following training courses in Supply Chain, and their expected dates of availability to Treasure Coast residents, are:

  • Transportation Coordinator (Summer/Fall 2019)
  • Warehouse Associate (Summer/Fall 2019)
  • Logistics Coordinator (Summer/Fall 2019)
  • CDL Driver (Summer/Fall 2019)
  • Operations Associate (Summer/Fall 2019)

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