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The Treasure Coast Food Bank currently partners with dozens of schools to provide food for children at-risk of going hungry over a weekend or holiday.

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Schools who participate in the BackPack Program are those that demonstrate a need, according to their respective rates of free/reduced lunch program participation, and located in neighborhoods with limited access to charitable services such as food pantries or soup kitchens. Through this program, food packs are distributed to children who are identified by caring teachers and staff members as showing signs that he or she is living in a high hunger-risk situation.

PARENTS: The Food Bank does not provide school supplies, uniforms, or actual backpacks. If you need these items, please call 211 Helpline for a list of providers. The Treasure Coast Food Bank BackPack Program is a school-based emergency food assistance partnership.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide children at-risk of hunger with nutritious, easy-to-prepare food for preparation and consumption at their place of residence.
  • To distribute nutritious, wholesome food in a caring, discreet manner.
  • To reach out to the entire family to assist them in accessing other services provided by the Treasure Coast Food Bank
  • To involve additional resources and partners in order to assure sustainability of the program.

Program Wish List:

  • Single-serve, 6 oz pop-top cans of meat, pasta, fruit, corn or green beans
  • Granola bars
  • 100% juice boxes
  • Single-serve trail mix, nuts, or dried fruit
  • Shelf-stable chocolate milk
  • Single-serve boxes of cereal gallon-size zip-close bags

Online Forms:

  • BackPack Program – Weekly Activity Report

Schools wishing to participate in the BackPack Program will need to submit an application to the Treasure Coast Food Bank.

To apply to become a program partner:

Please send a letter on school letterhead:

  • Explaining school need
  • Reporting your most recent PEIMS free/reduced meal data for your students.

**Schools with 80% or greater free/reduced meal participation will be added to the BackPack Program waiting list until a sponsor is found to underwrite your school.

Send to:

Attn: BackPack Program
Treasure Coast Food Bank
401 Angle Rd
Fort Pierce, FL 34947

For more information about the BackPack Program, please contact:

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