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Welcome to “Chew on This”, Treasure Coast Food Bank’s monthly podcast that lets data and research tell the story of poverty and food insecurity in our community and throughout the United States.

Each month, Treasure Coast Food Bank staff takes an in-depth look at a different data set or research study, breaks it down for you, and discusses ways in which food banks and other institutions are engaging in work to alleviate food insecurity and its very serious ramifications.  The podcast is distributed on:

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A very big-picture look at food insecurity data trends in the United States and in our community (Florida’s Treasure Coast), the factors influencing food insecurity, the consequences of food insecurity are, and how food banks are rapidly evolving towards co-creating a more food-secure future.

Food banks have long coordinated efforts to reduce food waste, especially through their partnerships with the retail industry. But new strategies have been developed and implemented. This month’s podcast will discuss the various ways food banks from around the country are working to address food waste and also specific policy areas in which government, food banks and others can co-invest and collaborate on in the years ahead.

Treasure Coast Food Bank spotlights its participation in the “Meals 4 Miles Meal Connect”: program, a new, volunteer-driven initiative utilizing user-friendly technology to enable more fresh food is being delivered quickly and safely to those in the community experiencing food insecurity.  In this episode, we sit down with representatives from Cumberland Farms to discuss how food banks and retailers are exploring new avenues in further reducing food waste and food insecurity.

Treasure Coast Food Bank supports more than 18,000 seniors in our region who are experiencing food insecurity. Join us as we slice and dice the latest data on senior hunger and discuss the numerous strategies that food banks and our allies are utilizing to support the generation that’s given us so much and has so much left to give.

A look into the Treasure Coast Food Bank’s Production Kitchen and how its carving futures for generations to come.
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