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Hunger Statistics

What percentage of Americans are hungry today? How many adults and children are hungry along the Treasure Coast? And can I find out how many people in my county or census tract are experiencing food insecurity?

Treasure Coast Food Bank is here to answer all those questions—and more.

For a “big picture” look at data in the United States and across the Treasure Coast, please click here. Here, you’ll find data on child hunger; the percentage of the food insecure population on the Treasure Coast qualify based on income for SNAP (Foods Stamps) and other federal nutrition programs; the average price per meal on the Treasure Coast; the food budget shortfall per person per week; and the annual total shortfall across the region and within each counties.

We’ve also worked with researchers from Feeding America to look at data at a much smaller level-the census tract-which average around 4,000 people. And we’ve also ranked them within the four counties we serve so you can see where there’s the greatest need across the Treasure Coast. To see these data, please click here.