September is Hunger Action Month™ – HAM.

Hunger Action Month is a multi-faceted effort to mobilize the public to end hunger in our community. The feeling of running on empty is a reality for 42 million Americans – nearly 90,000 live on the Treasure Coast. In our community, 1 in 8 people face that feeling on a regular basis. Without that fuel and nutrition, people — kids especially — don’t have the energy to focus, learn, grow, and ultimately, succeed. We need to make sure that no child, adult or senior along the Treasure Coast ever runs on empty, and this September, we’re asking everyone to come together for Hunger Action Month to help end hunger.

There are so many ways to give … your passion, your time, your talent, your funds. Make an impact. Join Treasure Coast Food Bank and take action today to fight hunger on the Treasure Coast.

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