Green Apron:
An Introductory Food Service & Hospitality Course

This is a 12-week course that meets three days/week, 9 am to noon.  In consultation with workforce development experts, we have designed Green Apron specifically to fill the local, demand for trained food service professionals in restaurants, hotels, country clubs, public school cafeterias, corporate dining halls, university dining halls, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, catering companies, casinos, and convention centers. Please note: no experience is required.

Led by Daniel Leavy, an Executive Chef with teaching experience at both the college and high school levels, the comprehensive course covers:  food safety and sanitation; culinary math; scientific principles in cooking; knife skills; preparing stocks, soups and sauces; baking and fermentation; recognizing quality; working in the front and back of the house; meeting customer needs; professional ethics and much more.  There is also a hands-on learning component to the course where students work in a real-world setting and learn how to plan, design and execute a menu, work within a budget, and master all aspects of customer service.

Green Apron also teaches students essential soft skills: writing a resume, mock interviews, working in a team, stress relief, and time management.  We also provide students with tours of local, professional kitchens and have built relationships with local employers to help place students in paid positions and internships.  Our goal is for 100% of students to graduate with paid employment.

There are two upcoming courses scheduled:

Class 1: March 13-May 29, 2019

Class 2: June 12-August 28, 2019

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