It puts such a joy in yourself after helping.”

“I just love people and I love life. I feel so blessed and I count my blessings daily.”

It’s with that mindset that Christine Lutz, 78, sought out Treasure Coast Food Bank to begin volunteering along with members of her church.

Christine began serving as assistant director of communications for her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, in 2020 and says she wanted to find a good cause that her fellow church members could be involved with.

With the help of her church, Christine was able to donate $40,000 worth of canned goods in that same year. She also volunteered at Treasure Coast Food Bank’s holiday meal box packing event — Pack the House.

Since then, Christine and church members have continued to volunteer on a regular basis. She says the very act of volunteering tends to put a lot of life into perspective.

“I feel that when people volunteer, especially those who have problems, you can’t think of yourself when serving others,” she says. “It puts such a joy in yourself after helping.”

Over the years, Christine has volunteered in numerous capacities, including leading exercises at a senior home. Volunteering with Treasure Coast Food Bank has been a perfect fit.

“Treasure Coast Food Bank is a wonderful organization to be a part of,” she says.

Thank you, Christine. You are absolutely making a difference for our Treasure Coast community and serve as an inspiration for us all.